Author Topic: Unable to transfer from PC to Med8er  (Read 1913 times)

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Unable to transfer from PC to Med8er
« on: March 04, 2013, 03:33:07 PM »
I'm running the 3-1-13 Firmware. Operating system is Windows 8 x64. Connected through a Linkys router, that runs to a Dlink switch, that connects to the Med8er. I created a user & password on the pc. I called it test & set a password for it. I created a shared folder & then added everyone to the security control. I then turned Samba on in the Med8er. I kept the security features disabled. I have a 3tb hard drive in the Med8er. I copied videos from a flash drive to the internal drive. The network connection is ok(as per Med8er) The DNS is the default. I can see the Med8er & the Med8er can see the pc. I created a mapped drive on the pc. Now the porblem, whenever I attempt to copy from the pc to the Med8er, it just hangs. Then eventually it tells me it can't find the mapped drive. However, I can copy from the Med8er to the PC. Thanks.